About Us

We are located in 796 Peter Cave Rd, McKee, 40447 Kentucky. Our family-owned operation began raising cattle over 5 decades ago, and our herd has evolved from a mostly crossbred heard in the 1980’s to a mostly Brangus herd today. Our family operates roughly 1800 head of commercial cattle and 150 head of registered cattle under the trade names of Brian and Sons, A & B Cattle. The love of Brangus cattle is truly a family affair with Brian and sons Labine and Michael operating these businesses with their wives, children, and now grandchildren. At kentucky Cattle Company, we incorporate Artificial Insemination, and Embryo Transfer along with purchasing the best possible herd sires available to us. We look forward to our future with great enthusiasm and big plans for growing and improving our herd. Our gates are always open to visitors! Come by to eat some great North Louisville cuisine, spend time with our family and visit some great Brangus cattle.